Circulating pumps

First-class swimming pool circulating pumps make for perfect circulation of your pool water.

Small Jacuzzi, Counter Stream Swim Unit or attractions in big indoor swimming pools: our pumps meet your individual requirements to your utter satisfaction. When purchasing a pool pump, you get a first-class product that reliably circulates your pool water and guarantees optimal cleaning. Low acquisition costs and an energy-saving engine make our pumps economically efficient. Steady quality controls as well as the use of high-quality material are the guarantee for durability and low maintenance.

BWP – Jet Pumps
With our BWP series, we provide our customers a wide range of products for various applications. Also this product line had to pass hard quality controls before it came to the market. Whether a small jacuzzi to relax in your own home, a counter flow system at the outside pool or water attractions at indoor swimming pools, the BWP series leaves nothing to be desired.

Power output: from 0,22 kW
Pressure: max. 21 mWS
Suction and discharge nozzle connections: solvent socket/flange connection
Capacity: up to 175 m³/h
Pool type: counter flow systems, massage, pool attractions, cooling water systems, Industrial filtration plants

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