Swimming pool circulating pumps

Highest quality standards, a sturdy construction as well as efficient running in combination with low acquisition costs make our swimming circulating pool pumps the perfect choice for your pool at home.

Just as the engine is the heart of any car, a swimming pool pump makes the core of your pool! That is why quality is such an important fact when it comes to pool pumps.

Whether for indoor or outdoor pools, standard or micro: our premium pumps made in Germany convince with quality. Our self-priming circulating pumps for private pools compel through their modern construction and the use of high-quality material. When purchasing a pool pump, you get a first-class product that reliably circulates your pool water. That guarantees optimal cleaning as well as low maintenance. Furthermore, every swimming pool pump is equipped with an energy-saving engine.

Small but powerfull

Despite its size, this pump does not need to hide in any way from the large rivals. Already the introduction to the world of swimming pool pumps convinces by the highest quality standards. Completed by a compact design, the perfect pump for your pool is created. Efficient operation in conjunction with favourable purchase costs is the perfect combination in order to leave no customer requests open.

Power output: 0,16 kW
Pressure: max. 11,5 mWS
Suction and discharge nozzle connections: Special screwing with hose Ø 32 / Ø 40 or Ø 50
Pool size: max. 18 m³
Capacity: up to 4 m³ /h
Pool type: Small & above ground pools

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Power meets elegant design

Designed for small and medium-sized filter systems, pumps of our series „Home“ are the the perfect entry into the world of high-quality pump technology. Our efforts for optimized products led to highest performance and efficiency.

Power output: from 0,18 kW
Pressure: max. 14 mWS
Suction and discharge nozzle connections: Solvent socket Ø 50 or sleeve for 1 ¼“ or 1 ½“ hose
Pool size: 50 m³
Capacity: 11 m³ /h
Pool type: Small & above ground pools

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A class of its own

Like no other pump it has already dominated the market in the past. Sophisticated further development results in maximum efficiency. Glass fibre reinforced materials in its highest-quality form and  a timeless design.

Power output: 0,30 kW
Pressure: max. 16,5 mWS
Suction and discharge nozzle connections: solvent socket Ø 50 and discharge nozzle connection 1 ½“
Pool size: 150 m³
Capacity: 20 m³/h
Pool type: large private pools

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